Prom Makeup Trends for 2022

Prom Makeup Trends for 2022

It’s officially prom season, which means there are lots of decisions to make if you’re getting ready for that special night! Our team at Pure Couture Prom in Dayton, Ohio, knows that figuring out your makeup and hair for prom is just as important as buying the perfect dress, and today we’re going to cover some of our current favorite prom makeup trends. Read on to get inspired! 


Monochromatic Looks



Picking up similar colors with your lipstick, eyeshadow, and blush is such a pretty way to do your prom makeup! What we love about this particular trend is that it’s a foolproof way to make sure that each and every part of your makeup complements the other aspects of it. You can even put certain products on double or triple-duty by using lipstick for your eyes and cheeks as well!


Cat Eye Liner 



Cat liner is perfect for prom because it adds a bit more drama to your look. You can do your makeup the exact same way you do every day, but adding a dramatic cat liner can elevate your prom look and make you feel like a bombshell!


Glittery Lids (and berry lips)



Berry lipstick is such a universal shade that looks great on everyone, and when you pair it with a bold glittery lid, look out! You’ll definitely be the star of the show at your prom with this makeup look.


Red Lips



Who doesn’t love a red lip? This is especially gorgeous when paired with an otherwise simple face of makeup. Tip: to find the perfect red lip for you, check your veins on your wrist. If your veins are purple in color, you have cooler undertones and should opt for a blue-based red. If your veins are more green, choose a fire engine or orange-red!

If you’re ready to find your perfect prom night look, book an appointment with the experts at Pure Couture Prom in Ohio today!